Middle Eastern Dance Class


Dancenter - Children’s Dance Workshop offers outstanding children’s as well as adult dance classes for the South Bend, IN area. With the many years of experience, our team of professional dancers strives to provide children and adults alike with an enriched experience in each and every class that we offer at our dance studio. Our mission is to get children involved in and excited about the joy of modern dance. With dance classes, your child will not only be moving and exercising but also strengthening their core and overall balance. Dancing is a naturally fun way to promote a healthier self and a physically fit body.


Here at Dancenter - Children’s Dance Workshop, we aim to get your child’s energy focused on creative and positive movements. All our dance instructors are dedicated to the art of teaching dance to students of all levels from children’s preschool dance classes to adult dance classes.  With the many positive benefits of dance and movement, your child will be healthier and happier after spending time in our invigorating classes!  Physical fitness and building creativity and imagination are just some of the positive sides of modern dance. Dance also promotes stamina, flexibility, self-confidence, body awareness, and even discipline. 

Dancenter - Children’s Dance Workshop is just the place to get your child’s energy flowing! With all the classes and levels, we are sure to have something just right for you or your child! We always offer summer camp programs as well as regular dance classes year round. Whether you are looking for adult dance classes or children’s preschool dance classes, you can’t go wrong with the instructors and classes here in our dance studio. Dancenter - Children’s Dance Workshop is located in South Bend, IN, and our team is looking forward to working with your child soon!  Contact us for more information about class schedules today!