Drama Class for Children

Have you been searching for exciting ways to get your child away from the television or video games? Has your child expressed an interest in dancing or performing? If you are looking to find an activity for your child that will get them excited about being active and enjoying exercise in a social setting, then you have come to the right place! If you are located in the Edwardsburg, MI area, then you are in the perfect location to enroll your child in dance lessons at Dancenter - Children’s Dance Workshop soon!  We have a team of experienced and dedicated instructors that strive to provide quality dance instruction to children of all ages and skill level.

Here at Dancenter - Children’s Dance Workshop, we offer a variety of dance styles and performance art lessons. Our dance instructors have years of experience in teaching children the joy of creative movement. We offer classes in ballet, modern dance, musical theater, performance workshop and drama class for children. With all the classes that we offer, we know that there will be something that appeals to everyone! Our classes are a great way to help you or your child to begin to enjoy the art of dance while feeling the benefits. Some of the benefits include a better range of motion and flexibility, an increase in body awareness and self-confidence, and an improvement in stamina and strength. 

Whether you are looking for dance lessons for ballet, modern dance, adult dance classes, Middle Eastern dance, creative movement or even performance workshop or drama class for children, we have just what you need! Dancenter - Children’s Dance Workshop is dedicated to helping you or your child discover the incredible joy of movement and the freedom of expression to enjoy the art of dance. If you are located in the Edwardsburg, MI area and would like to learn more about our programs and class schedules, do not hesitate to contact us soon!